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Korea Trains

Korea is one of the most technologically advanced countries in Asia, so it makes sense that the high-speed rail map is so comprehensive and convenient. KTX bullet trains provide multiple convenient routes for Korean citizens and visitors, connecting Korean cities within a few hours. Known for their comfort, speed, and convenient departure and arrival stations, these high-speed trains are a popular choice. Find more information about Korean trains, routes, and tickets prices, as well as book tickets for an unforgettable voyage.
Additionally, the trains are equipped with modern amenities such as Wi-Fi and power outlets, ensuring passengers can stay connected and productive during their journeys.
Find more information about Korean trains, routes, and ticket prices, as well as book tickets for an unforgettable voyage.

Japan Trains

In terms of technological advancement, the Japanese railway system ranks among the world's best. There are 30 625 kilometers (19 029 miles) of train lines in Japan, making it also one of the world's most advanced rail systems. The Japanese rail network is known for its safety and reliability, whether you are a first-time visitor or not, you will find it extremely efficient and easy to navigate. The punctuality of the trains is legendary, with delays being a rare occurrence and usually measured in seconds. ​In case you are planning a trip to Japan, you should not miss the chance to ride the fast train with beautiful views. Find out more about Japanese trains, schedules, and ticket prices.

Malaysia Trains

Travel enthusiasts can choose from many interesting destinations in Malaysia, including a buzzing Kuala Lumpur, a humble Butterworth etc. Getting around this magnificent country onboard a train is the best way to chose from. Traveling directly between Malaysian cities is not just easy, but exciting too, thanks to Malaysian railway's excellent coverage. The top speed of ETS trains is 140 km/h (87 mph), which qualifies them as high-speed ones. Would you like an exciting trip to Malaysia? Find out more about Malaysian trains, schedules, and ticket prices.

China Trains

Long-distance transportation in China relies heavily on its rail system. With 37,900 kilometers of high-speed rail tracks, China has the world's largest high-speed network. ​As you start your trip to China, you will have an opportunity to ride the Fuxing Hao bullet train, one of the fastest trains not only in China but in the world. Take a train trip through China and you'll be able to enjoy its beauty from the comfort of your seat. For added convenience, many trains offer digital services that allow passengers to order food and check train status via mobile apps, enhancing the travel experience. Get details on the train system, schedules, and ticket prices and book your tickets today!

Taiwan Trains

Whether traveling through a big city or a small town, Taiwan's trains are safe and comfortable to ride. There is a well-developed railway network throughout the country, consisting of both regular and high-speed lines. Taiwan's natural beauty can be enjoyed on a train journey, taking you almost anywhere. With Taiwanese trains, you can expect impeccable service and a variety of onboard amenities. For those interested in scenic views, the East Coast routes offer some of the most breathtaking vistas, where mountains meet the sea. ​Discover Taiwan's beauty from your seat on a train trip. Find more details on the train system, schedules, and ticket prices.

Rail Travel in Asia

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Train travel remains the most environmentally friendly mode of motorized passenger transport.

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