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Discover Japan's wonders by train from Osaka to Tokyo. The Shinkansen train offers breathtaking views. Get your tickets today and check out the schedule
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514 kilometers

Travel time

Travel time

2 hours 21 minutes

Trains per day

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Reverse route

Reverse Route

Osaka to Tokyo Train Schedule

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*The information is subject to change. Planning a rail journey in Japan? Check current Osaka - Tokyo train timetable.


Traveling through Japan via bullet train is the quickest and most comfortable option. Shinkansen trains are famous for their superb onboard amenities, appealing even to seasoned travelers. While other countries focused on the future of air and automobile travel, Japan prioritized building a high-speed rail network. The Shinkansen's success has firmly established Japan's reputation in high-speed rail, allowing the nation to take pride in its achievements. As a result, riding the Shinkansen remains one of the most enjoyable ways to traverse Japan.

Osaka to Tokyo Railway Route Map

Train rides between the charming cities of Osaka and Tokyo offer one of Japan's most delightful travel experiences. The journey provides travelers with scenic views of the Japanese countryside, blending modernity with natural beauty. To enhance your travel experience, you can use the map below to learn more about this route.

The map will provide essential information about the stops, travel times, and key landmarks along the way, ensuring you make the most of your trip. Riding the Shinkansen between Osaka and Tokyo is not just about reaching your destination; it's about enjoying the journey itself.

With frequent departures and comfortable seating, this route is ideal for both leisure and business travelers. Booking your tickets in advance can help you secure the best seats and travel times for a seamless experience.

Train from Osaka to Tokyo: What You Need to Know

Tips to Buy Train Tickets

  • Book in Advance
    Train tickets with discounts are usually released before departure. Since individual schedules are normally scheduled 12 weeks beforehand, schedules are usually announced three months in advance.
  • Be Flexible​
    You can save money by traveling at alternate times and dates. Tickets may still be available at other dates and times, so keep an eye out.

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