Nozomi Train

Traveling on the Nozomi train provides a swift and luxurious journey between major urban centers. With minimal stops and excellent onboard amenities, it ensures a seamless and comfortable travel experience across Japan.
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In addition to boasting one of the world's most advanced railway systems, the Land of the Rising Sun is home to the world-famous Shinkansen, which is world-renowned. While the word "Shinkansen" is normally used in English to refer to a Japanese bullet train, it is also used to describe modern rail lines that are served by these renowned trains.

A bullet Nozomi train, Japan's rail pride, is the fastest and most comfortable means of getting around the country. Shinkansen trains can impress even seasoned travelers with their amazing onboard amenities or their incredible departure schedule. In addition, they have an excellent safety record, with no accidents resulting in passenger deaths in the last decade.

Known for their smooth rides and outstanding onboard amenities (as well as 2 travel classes: Ordinary Car and Green Car), the Japanese bullet trains of the Niozomi brand provide unparalleled comfort to passengers. In first class, most trains offer cushy adjustable seats with a very comfortable headrest and plenty of legroom, Wi-Fi connections, food trolleys, and in-seat reading lights.

At the moment, Shinkansen railway system consists of 7 high-speed lines, plus 2 additional lines make up mini-shinkansen. In addition to covering popular tourist destinations, they also cover off-the-beaten-path destinations worth visiting.

Nozomi Train Classes

Ordinary Car (Second Class)

Similarly to the second class carriages, ordinary cars are arranged with comfortable seats arranged in the "3+2" arrangement. Additionally, such carriages offer a significant amount of elbow room, as well as ample luggage space. There are both reserved (cars that come with assigned seats) and unreserved (cars that do not come with assigned seats) cars in this class, so depending on your preferences, you can choose what works best for you.


  • Affordable price
  • 5 seats in a row (3+2)
  • Power outlets
  • Free WiFi

Green Car (First Class)

As compared to ordinary cars, green cars offer a bit more comfort, and are equivalent to first-class travel in Japan. Despite not being as big as one might expect, the difference between Shinkansen First Class and Second Class is still quite apparent. Unlike ordinary cars with limited elbowroom, Green Cars provide plenty of room for everyone. The seats are arranged 2+2 and the headrests are more comfortable.


  • 4 seats in a row (2+2)
  • Partially reclining seats
  • Foldable tables
  • Power sockets
  • Free WiFi