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THSR Train

THSR trains are without a doubt one of the most comfortable ways to reach a destination on the west coast of Taiwan. Even though Taiwan's high-speed railways were built just a few years ago, they are already over 350 km (220 mi) long and are constantly expanding. There are a lot of similarities between the high-speed trains that run along the line and the world-famous Shinkansen in Japan. And we're not just talking about their appearance. Aside from offering 180-degree rotatable seats in both travel classes, THSR trains also feature electric sockets and complimentary snacks in Business class.

Moreover, the efficiency and punctuality of THSR services make them a preferred choice for both locals and tourists. The trains run at impressive speeds, significantly reducing travel time between major cities like Taipei, Taichung, and Kaohsiung. Passengers can enjoy stunning views of Taiwan’s picturesque landscapes through the large windows, adding a scenic element to their journey.

The onboard staff are known for their courteous service, ensuring that every trip is pleasant and hassle-free. With convenient connections to local transportation networks at each station, traveling via THSR is not only comfortable but also highly convenient. This seamless integration of speed, comfort, and service makes the THSR an exemplary model of modern railway travel.


Taiwan Trains: What You Need to Know

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