ETS Train

Traveling on the ETS Train offers a fast and efficient way to explore Malaysia, providing comfortable and scenic routes that enable passengers to enjoy beautiful landscapes and straightforward access to major cities throughout their journey.
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ETS trains operate by Keretapi Tanah Melayu Berhad, and boast a speed of an average 140 km/h (87 mph) on average, making them one of the fastest rail passenger services in Malaysia. Business and Standard are the two travel classes available onboard.

In all coaches and both classes, an infotainment LED television is provided as well as power sockets for charging electronic equipment, such as notebooks. Senior citizens and people with disabilities also have priority seating.

All KTMB coaches are fully air-conditioned and run at a frequency of 15 minutes during peak hours and 20 minutes off-peak.

The standard travel class features comfortable seating arranged "2+2", plenty of luggage space, power outlets, and LCD TVs in each carriage. In addition to wider seats arranged "2+1", Business Class seats come with a video screen and a USB port and can easily be rotated to face any direction.

For added convenience, both travel classes provide access to onboard restroom facilities that are kept clean and stocked. Safety features such as CCTV cameras are installed throughout the coaches to ensure passenger security at all times. Additionally, all passengers can benefit from the attentive service provided by the train staff, enhancing the overall travel experience.

ETS Train Classes

Economy Class

In every carriage, LCD TVs provide entertainment during the trip, while comfortable seats are arranged 2+2, ample baggage space, and individual power sockets and free WiFi.

  • Affordable price
  • 2+2 seat configuration
  • Individual power sockets
  • Tray table
  • Free WiFi

Business Class

A wide, 2+1 seat arrangement allows you to face any direction you like in Business Class. In addition to a video screen and a USB port on each seat, business class passengers receive an amenity kit, free Wi-Fi, and one included meal. All ETS trains have a restaurant car, where you can purchase some drinks and snacks.

  • 2+1 seat configuration
  • Partially reclining seats
  • Foldable tables
  • Individual power sockets and USB port
  • Free WiFi