Tokyo Train Station

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A major train hub in the entire Japanese mainland, outstanding Tokyo station, situated just east of the Imperial Palace, is situated in the Marunouchi business district. On a daily basis, it transports more than 450 000 passengers and welcomes around 4000 trains! Located within the Shinkansen network, this train terminal enables Tokyo to connect directly with a variety of popular destinations in the region, such as Kyoto, Osaka, Nagoya, and Hiroshima.

Furthermore, this station is conveniently linked with Narita International Airport via Narita Express, which you can ride for free with Japan Rail Pass. An architect was inspired by the stunning facade of Amsterdam Central Station's end-of-the-19th-century central station to create this magnificent red-brick structure.
Tokyo Train Station, one of Japan's busiest transportation hubs, is a marvel of architectural elegance and efficiency. Established in 1914, it boasts a classic European-style facade that contrasts with the modern skyline around it. This iconic station is a gateway to the entire country, serving as a terminal for numerous Shinkansen (bullet train) lines. It houses an extensive underground network of shopping and dining options, offering everything from luxury brands to traditional Japanese cuisine. Despite its size and complexity, the station is meticulously organized, ensuring smooth transit for millions of passengers daily. The Marunouchi side of the station is particularly famous for its red brick exterior and domed rooftops. Tokyo Train Station stands as a testament to Japan's blend of historical charm and cutting-edge innovation.

Tokyo Train Station​ Facilities & Map

  • Wi-Fi

    Stay connected even while on the move with free Wi-Fi available at railway stations, allowing you to check emails, stream media, or plan your journey in real time. This convenient service ensures that waiting for your train becomes productive and entertaining.

  • WC

    Clean and accessible restrooms at railway stations provide travelers with essential comfort and convenience during their journeys. These well-maintained facilities ensure a hassle-free experience while waiting for or transitioning between trains.

  • Waiting Area

    Spacious and comfortable waiting areas at railway stations offer passengers a relaxing space to rest before their journey. These areas are equipped with ample seating and often feature amenities like charging stations and refreshment kiosks to enhance the travel experience.

  • Cafes

    Cafés at railway stations provide a cozy spot to grab a coffee or a quick bite, making your wait more enjoyable. These convenient eateries offer a range of snacks and beverages, perfect for a pre-journey pick-me-up or a relaxing break between connections.

  • Luggage Storage

    Secure luggage storage facilities at railway stations offer travelers peace of mind, allowing them to explore nearby areas hands-free. These services are convenient for storing bags safely for a few hours or even longer, ensuring your belongings are protected while you wait for your train.

  • Station name: Tokyo Station​
  • Address: 1 Chome Marunouchi, Chiyoda City, Tokyo, Japan

While Tokyo's railway station complex is extremely efficient, it offers everything you need for a comfortable travel experience, including amenities such as:
  • ​Comfortable waiting area;
  • Information centers;
  • ATMs;
  • Shops;
  • Left-luggage coin lockers​;
  • Lost & found.


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