Taipei to Hsinchu Train

It is without a doubt that taking a modern train between Taipei and Hsinchu is one of the smartest ways to travel. With a very advanced railway network connecting Taipei and Hsinchu, the trains on this route run quickly (about 35 minutes from Taipei to Hsinchu) and with admirable punctuality.

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79 kilometers

Travel time

Travel time

30 minutes

Trains per day

Daily Departures


Reverse route

Reverse Route

Taipei to Hsinchu Train Schedule

Discover Taiwan's breathtaking expanses on a journey of a lifetime!

*The information is subject to change. Planning a rail journey in South Korea? Check current Hsinchu - Taipei train timetable.


Taipei to Hsinchu Railway Route Map

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Train from Taipei to Hsinchu: What You Need to Know

Tips to Buy Train Tickets

  • Book in Advance
    ​Discount train tickets are usually released before departure. Typically, schedules are announced three months in advance since individual schedules are usually scheduled 12 weeks ahead.
  • Be Flexible​
    For cost-effective train travel, look for alternate dates and times. There may still be a better selection of tickets on offer at other dates and times, so keep an eye out.

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