Korea Train Express

Traveling with Korea Train Express (KTX) turns long-distance journeys across South Korea into quick, enjoyable experiences, ensuring timely and comfortable connections between key destinations.
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Korean cities can be connected within a few hours with modern KTX bullet trains, which offer various convenient routes for citizens and visitors alike. Due to their comfort, speed, and convenient departure and arrival stations, these high-speed trains are a popular choice.

In addition to being fast and environmentally friendly, the trains are also pressure-sealed, which reduces passenger discomfort, especially during tunnel passages. Triple-glazed glass and quality materials are used in the construction of KTX trains.

KTX trains travel at 305 km/h, but can reach 330 km/h at maximum. In less than three hours, you can reach Busan from Seoul if you travel at a regular top speed. The train set consists of 10 or 20 cars, and there are 2 classes for KTX passengers. Both classes of the Korea Train Express provide spacious, comfortable seats, as well as toilet facilities and vending machines.

KTX trains operated by Korail have no restaurant cars, as the trains are optimized for high capacity. However, vending machines sell food and drinks onboard.

KTX Train Classes

Economy Class

There is plenty of legroom for your belongings and enough legroom on these types of coaches, which are arranged in 2x2 configurations. Onboard the train, passengers will have access to free WiFi and electric power sockets. Vending machines are available for passengers to purchase food.

  • Affordable price
  • 2x2 configurations
  • Free WiFi
  • Power sockets
  • Vending machines

First Class

The seats in this type of car offer a lot of legroom and plenty of space for your belongings. They are arranged in three rows with the option of choosing a single seat. Additionally, passengers can indicate their preference to be located in the silent car while booking tickets. Free WiFi is available onboard the train, and you have access to individual electric power sockets.

  • Single seat option
  • Silent car
  • Foldable tables
  • Individual power outlets
  • Free WiFi