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Fuxing Train

The fascinating Fuxing Trains are creations of Chinese engineering that are designed and operated in the country. Known as Fuxing Hao, it is the world's fastest high-speed train! These trains reach a top speed of 400 km/h (250 mph) and are surely something to behold. Several factors contribute to the efficacy of Fuxing trains, including lowering air resistance during the journey (and lowering operating costs). Moreover, the designers of the high-speed trains put the comfort of travelers first. Consequently, Fuxing Hao trains are not just the fastest, but also the best-equipped. Among the features of this train are seat information displays, electric outlets, complimentary Wi-Fi, and comfortable headrests. There is even the possibility of converting first-class seats into beds!


China Trains: What You Need to Know

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